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The Indie Gathering – International Film Festival. Convention. Competition.



Parkside Pictures is Looking for a Casting Director & an Animal Wrangler

Parkside Pictures is Looking for a Casting Director and an Animal Wrangler

Parkside Pictures will be shooting a “family film” this summer in NE Ohio and are looking to fill the following positions:

  • Casting Director: Fully Paid, rate negotiable.  The Casting Director will be casting all roles.
  • Animal Wrangler: Fully Paid, rate negotiable. We will need 6 dogs.  All dogs will need to preform basic and some advanced tricks(ball play, jumping, rolling, stay, sit, etc)  2-3 dogs will need specific training for the large end of film stunt.

  • Prep July,
  • Shoot August

  • North East Ohio
All interested and qualified applicants please send resumes and inquiries to:
Rebecca Grace -

Producers: Danny Roth, Damiano Tucci
Prod Co: ParkSide Pictures

About the film:
The film is about a rag-tag gang of international dog mascots that must save the day and foil the plot of villains planning to sabotage Youth World Cup Soccer finals


Art Department Interns Needed for Feature Film “The Bronze”

Art Department Interns Needed for Feature Film “The Bronze” 

Art Department interns needed for a feature film, THE BRONZE, starring Melissa Rauch (BIG BANG THEORY). Filming is in Amherst and Cleveland until July 31, and school credit is available.

Interested candidates please send availability and resume to:


Join the Greater Cleveland Film Commission for Our Next Media Mixer June 25th


Join The Greater Cleveland Film Commission for our next Media Mixer Wednesday June 25th at Nighttown!! 

Join the Greater Cleveland Film Commission & your fellow production colleagues at Nighttown for our next Media Mixer of 2014 – 6pm to 9pm.

Are you a production professional currently working in NE Ohio? Are you a small business owner that is interested in becoming a film vendor? Are you looking to break into the production industry in NE Ohio in any way possible or are you interested in learning more about the production opportunities NE Ohio? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, please join us. Our Media Mixer is a great way to network.

The Greater Cleveland Film Commission will provide light appetizers and there will be a cash bar.
We hope to see you there!

12387 Cedar Road
Cleveland, OH

June 25, 2014
6pm – 9pm




New Web Series “Fallen Plans” – Auditions May 24th & May 31st


Cleveland is One of Four Cities to Host the “Demand Our Stars Tour” – The Fault in Our Stars


Actors Shailene Woodley (Divergent, The Descendants), Ansel Elgort (Divergent), Nat Wolff (Admission) and Author John Green (TIME Most Influential People 2014) will be at

Tower City Center to participate in a special Q&A with their fans on behalf of the film’s upcoming release.  With more votes than any location, over 200,000 fans voted to bring this event to Cleveland! The thousands of #FaultFanatics who are expected to attend will be able to see the cast and watch exclusive clips.

“Hazel (Woodley) and Gus (Elgort) are two extraordinary teenagers who share an acerbic wit, a disdain for the conventional, and a love that sweeps them – and us – on an unforgettable journey. Their relationship is all the more miraculous, given that they met and fell in love at a cancer support group. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, based upon the number-one bestselling novel by John Green, explores the funny, thrilling and tragic business of being alive and in love.”

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS opens nationwide June 6. #TFIOSOH

More details are available at:
Via Twitter – @43KIXCleveland


Casting Call for Independent Short Film ‘Daniel & Siri’

Casting Call for Independent Short Film ‘Daniel & Siri’

‘Daniel and Siri’ traces the romance of an artist and his wife who must face the demons of the past after reconnecting with Daniel’s estranged family. Daniel slips further into emotional breakdown while Siri finds herself struggling to save herself and marriage in a delusional battle over her husband’s inheritance.

Submissions: Interested talent please submit via email to
Shooting Location: Ohio
Compensation: $50-100 a day.

Director Bio: Adam Mark Brown completed his first documentary feature in 2012. His work has been recognized and screened at Intuit (Chicago), LUMA (Chicago), and Gateway Film Center in Columbus, as well as many others.

Please send headshot, resume, video via email to with “Daniel & Siri Film” as subject. Also, please list any website or portfolio links you have.

Shooting Starts: June 7
Shooting Ends: June 9

We have filled our principal roles for this film and have a few supporting roles still open.

Character bios:

[JACOB] [AGE: mid-late 30's] [Caucasian]
Daniel’s brother. Larger build. Dark hair and thick, full beard. A Christian minister estranged from his brother.

[YOUNG DANIEL] [MALE] [AGE: 7-10] [Caucasian]
Daniel as a child. Daniel is an artist who grows up in a religious family. Sensitive and very imaganitive.

[YOUNG JACOB] [AGE: 10-13] [Caucasian]
Daniel’s older brother when he was young.

Production title: Daniel & Siri
Union / Non-Union: UNION & NON-UNION
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Feature (approx. 20-25 minutes)
Project format: RED One
Production location: Columbus, OH
Director: Adam Mark Brown “I Dreamed I Searched for You in Heaven” (director)


Casting Call for ‘Mulogo and His Quintuple of Trouble’

Casting Call for ‘Mulogo and His Quintuple of Trouble’
Birth of a Notion, Inc.
Cast in Cleveland | Low Budget Short Film | Starts: September 20, 2014

Director: Martin Reese
Producers: Martin Reese and Stephanie Shanks-Reese
Audition Dates:  Saturday, May 31, 2014
Pay Rate: Deferred

Electronic Submissions/ Scheduled Auditions
Submissions: Headshot and Resume ASAP

Audition Dates: Saturday, May 31, 2014 12PM-5PM
Audition Location:
Cleveland State University Howard A. Mims African American Cultural Center
Main Classroom Building, Room 137
(Corner of E. 22nd St. and Chester Ave.)

The setting is the chamber of an ancient castle where Master Wizard Alazar and his young apprentice Mulogo reside. Master Wizard Alazar instructs Mulogo to clean the castle chamber. But when Alazar leaves the castle Mulogo disobeys his teacher’s prior warnings by opening a book of magic and reciting a random spell. Unknowingly he conjures a five-headed talking dragon that now wants to kill him. Mulogo has to use his wits to not only survive, but to get rid of the dragon before Alazar returns.


  • MULOGO: (10-12) Male. African-American. Smart, resourceful, overly curious and impatient with his learning which often gets him into trouble. Overall all he is a good child. Note: Actor’s head will have to be clean shaven. Acting will be done against a green screen. (Plays 1 day)
  • MASTER WIZARD ALAZAR: (50(+)) Male. Open ethnicity. Alazar is very old.  He is beyond ready to pass on his knowledge to someone who is much younger and capable. He is a stickler for following rules.  He is very self-assured. He is kind.  He wants Mulogo to succeed. Note: Acting will be done against a green screen. Willing to audition younger actors, but they will have to have range to portray someone much older.  (Plays 1 day)

The following set of roles will be for one or more voice actors:

The Dragon:  The dragon has five heads with distinct powers and personalities. The heads are individualistic and egotistical. The dragon itself is ancient. Over the centuries the dragon has been summoned many times by wizards and sorcerers. Sometimes the dragon was forced to grant wishes and sometimes the dragon was able to grant death to those who recited the spell incorrectly. The dragon is never happy to be disturbed.

  • White Head (Ice): the white head has the ability to freeze things.  White Head is always calm and controlled. White Head is knowledgeable and doesn’t mind showing off what he knows.  He can be very talkative which sometimes annoys the other heads. Open gender. (Plays 1 day)
  • Red Head (Fire): the red head has the ability to burn things. Red Head is very impatient and grumpy. Red Head is quick to anger and can be impulsive. He finds White Head the most annoying. He is not particularly fond of Orange Head either. He finds him to be redundant. Open gender.  (Plays 1 day)
  • Green Head (Venom): the green head has poisonous venom that is more lethal than any earthly poisons. Green Head is both resentful and sensitive because he is never chosen as the instrument of death when the opportunity arises. He speaks with long “essses”. Open gender. (Plays 1 day)
  • Blue Head (Lightning): the blue head has the power of lightning. He is quick witted and has disdain for the Green Head. He will use any chance he has to show his disdain. He speaks very quickly virtually running his words together. Open gender. (Plays 1 day)
  • Orange Head (Lava): the orange head can spew lava. He doesn’t particularly like Red Head and finds his impulsiveness and lack of patience irritating. He is slow-witted and speaks very slowly. Open gender. (Plays 1 day)

All actors will be provided with a copy of the film and IMDB credits.
Sides will be available at the audition site, but they can be requested prior to the audition via

CONTACT: E-mail at
When e-mailing please list which role you wish to audition for in the subject heading.


The Schmooze III – Industry Networking Event – May 10th

The Schmooze III


Who you know is just as important and what you know! Surround yourself with talent, production companies, vendors and film lovers at this premier networking event.

Saturday, May 10, 2014
6pm to 9pm
The Anatomy Night Club
1299 W. 9th Street
Cleveland, OH 44113

We have lined up trailers and announcements from some of your favorite independent filmmakers:

MAD Vista – Apt. 408 – Conrad Studios – HWIC Filmworks – 110 Filmz – Skip Thomas Productions – Madwerkz Studios – Wildfire Media Studios/ARC Film Initiative – Fernando Lopez Productions – NBlak Productions and MORE!

Don’t miss it! RSVP by email at

Nominate the Biggest Schmoozer!

He/she attends all the networking events, knows about all the casting calls, works on numerous sets, hob nobs with anyone who is anyone and just overall WORKS THIS INDUSTRY!  Nominate the Biggest Schmoozer by email at  The top 3 nominees will be presented and voted upon by the audience.  The winner gets a special prize!  (Must be present to win).

PLEASE NOTE: The Acting Workshop/Book Signing presented by Darrin Henson has unfortunately been cancelled. Mr. Henson sends his regrets and will let us know as soon as he is able to reschedule. Thank you for your interest and we will keep you up-to-date.

Our mailing address is:
26250 Euclid Avenue, Suite 211
Euclid, OH  44132

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Casting Call – Saturday April 26th – “When the Lights Go Out”


Casting Call – WholeMan & P.U.R.E Productions


Public Raffle TONIGHT for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Premiere Tickets

The directors of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Anthony and Joe Russo, will be raffling off tickets to tomorrow night’s film premiere.

Public Raffle for Captain America: The Winter Soldier premiere tickets

Market Garden Brewery
1947 W 25th Street
Cleveland, OH 44113

Doors open at 6pm
Raffle is at 8pm
*You must be present to claim your tickets

Everyone is welcomed to attend
Please be advised the space is limited – first come first serve

*Please do not contact the Greater Cleveland Film Commission for additional information. All of the information has been provided. 


Casting Call for ‘The Tank’ – Low Budget SAG Feature Film being Shot in Columbus

Casting Call for ‘The Tank’
Glacier Films
Cast in Cleveland/Columbus | Low Budget SAG Feature Film | Starts: April 21-May 21

Director: Kellie Madison
Producers: Tove Christensen and Steven Schneider
Line Producer: Patrick Stapleton
Casting Company: OPA Casting
Casting Director: Angela Boehm
Audition Dates:  Wednesday 3/26 and Thursday 3/27
Callback Dates: Monday 3/31 in Columbus
Pay Rate: low budget SAG Scale + 10%

Electronic Submissions/ Scheduled Auditions
Phone: 440-235-6722
Submissions Headshot and Resume ASAP

Audition Dates: Thursday 3/27 9-5
Audition Location: 6941 Columbia Rd. Olmsted Falls, Ohio 44138

On April 26,2012, six highly trained candidates step inside of the isolated Confined Environment (the Ice Sat 5) in the middle of Antarctica, designed to simulate the lengthy trip to Mars. The door, shuts, locks and won’t open again for 467 days. The goal of the mission is to see how the human psyche functions in an extreme environment for an extended period of time.


  • Kaylin: (30-45) Will’s wife. She’s suffered the tragic loss of her daughter and it shows on her face. She is also highly educated and works at the Global Space Agency. STRONG ACTING REQUIRED. (Plays 5 days)
  • Jessie (5-9) Female. Hopefully plays young. Sweet and innocent. STRONG ACTING REQUIRED. (Plays 3 days) Must see headshot so I can match her with our LA Talent.
  • Chris (30-45) Male. Nerdy, high-tech computer type. Good comedic timing. Think Wayne Knight in Jurassic Park- type.
  • Jerron (30’s) Male. High tech space geek. Any ethnicity.
  • Michael (35-45) Male. Highly educated candidate for the space isolation mission. He has one too many skeletons in the closet.
  • Yan (30-45) Male. Asian. Very serious, quirky looks welcome.
  • Alejandro (30-45) Male. Fit, astronaut. Open Ethnicity. STRONG ACTING REQUIRED
  • Facilitator (30-45) Open Ethnicity. Believable as a scientist.
  • Julias daughter #1(5-6) Young and cute, should like Julia (Marguerite Moreau)
  • Julia’s daughter #2 (7-9) Young and cute, should look like Julia (Marguerite Moreau)
  • Driver (All Terrain)













From the creators of the urban drama “Swing Lowe, Sweet Chariote”, comes an exciting, new Web-series. That’s right! HWIC Filmworks is in search of the next big star!

Lana Frois and Shante Hayward-Wright are arch rivals that have absolutely nothing in common. Until they realize they are in love with the same man, Marcus Wright, who has made promises of a beautiful future to both of them. Upon receiving the news of Marcus’ untimely death, Lana and Shante are instructed to not only maintain his estate but also raise their children whom he fathered, as a family under the same roof. In the midst of their turmoil they uncover many secrets and lies from Marcus’ past that leads to scorned lovers, hidden family, corrupt alliances and the endangerment of anyone who has ever had ties with Marcus Wright.


  1. Thursday, April 3, 2014, 6:00pm TO 9:00pm* or,
  2. Saturday, April 5, 2014, 1:00pm to 4:00pm*
HobbsStyle Casting Office
26250 Euclid Avenue, #211 (In the Euclid Medical/Office Plaza)
Euclid, OH 44132

Please forward headshot/resume to with preferred audition date and role, for confirmation and sides.

We are seeking actors for the following roles. Filming will take place in the spring and summer of 2014.
Most roles come with stipend and credit

Cast of Characters

  • Marcus Wright Sr- 30′s,(African American) handsome, slim build, smooth-talking yet wise about life in general
  • Shante Hayward-Wright- late 20′s early 30′s, (African American) sexy with a very nice and curvy figure, street smart with a lot of roughness in her personality but also well organized
  • Lana Marie Frois – late 20′s early 30′s, (African American) beautiful, well proportioned figure, high maintenance woman’s woman with a dark side
  • Marcus Wright Jr- late teens, (African American) clean look with an attempt to look rough, slim build, well dressed, confused with whether he wants to be street or sophisticated, preferably able to sing.
  • Justice Jones – 30′s, (Open Ethnicity) very handsome but a conniving look, smooth talker non opposing demeanor, City Councilman and friend of deceased
  • Amber Frois – 5-11,(African American) appearance may vary, cute daughter of Lana
  • Lauren – late 20′s early 30′s, White female, beautiful, friend of Shante and Lana.
  • Cheyenne Wright – 5-11, (African American) appearance may vary, cute daughter of Shante
  • Winston Phelps Esq. – early 40′s, (Open Ethnicity) out of shape and short, Estate Attorney
  • George – late 30′s, (African American) brown skinned muscular, clean cut and laid back, he is the man that Lana stated was Amber’s father in the beginning
  • Deonte Ridge / Doc Dollaz / Doc- early 20′s, (African American) urban look, shady street demeanor, in shape kind, of short
  • Janice – late teens, (Open Ethnicity) the girl-next-door. She is the girlfriend/friend of Marcus Wright Jr.
  • Brandon Ridge- late teens early 20′s, (African American) preferably tall and dark skinned rugged look that gives a “nothing to lose” demeanor
  • Mr. Haywood- 50′s, Shante’s father, must resemble Shante straight forward, very direct yet endearing
  • Diamond – 30′s,(African American) must be VERY beautiful, sassy, charismatic yet intimidating. Later revealed to be the mother of Max Jr. and a famous R&B singer

*Use your FASTPASS for priority audition times.


“A Midwest Winter” Casting Call: Extras Wanted


DATE: March 14TH, 2014

TIME: 11:59PM

WHERE: Capitol Theatre, 1390 West 65th St. Cleveland, OH 44102

WHAT: Most extras will be watching a movie at the theatre, and some will also be in line at the concession stand. We will be showing short films and other works by those involved in “A Midwest Winter.”

WHO: Anyone 18+. Please have valid ID.

ATTIRE: Casual. No logos.

PAYMENT: Extra roles are non-SAG, unpaid, no experience necessary. All extras will be get credit as movie theatre patrons.


FILM SYNOPSIS: A Midwest Winter is a short film that tells the story of Ismael, a lonely man from a small country, now living in a big city where he meets the beautiful Sophia, a well-traveled and somewhat troubled local who blogs about stories from around the world. Filming will take place in the Historic Districts of Tremont, Ohio City, Gordon Square and University Heights.


Erie SeaWolves Production & Entertainment Internship Opportunity

Erie SeaWolves Production & Entertainment Internship Opportunity

The Erie SeaWolves, the AA affiliate of the Detroit Tigers, are seeking Production & Entertainment Associates for the 2013 season.  Production & Entertainment Associates are paid interns focused on game day entertainment, marketing, community affairs and communications.  This opportunity requires a great amount of dedication throughout the baseball season as associates may work 30-100 hours per week depending on the team’s game schedule.

Production & Entertainment Associates will learn best practices and procedures and assist with a variety of tasks including:

  • Working with the Director of Entertainment to deliver the game day entertainment experience
  • Operating production-quality equipment including Click Effects, Tricaster, and cameras
  • Completing daily entertainment tasks on the game operations checklist
  • Graphic design including promotional flyers, video board content and marketing materials
  • Editing game highlights and posting them online
  • Social media and/or website content updates as delegated
  • Other support responsibilities as determined

All college majors are welcome, but previous experience with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign) is required.  Some associates use the experience for college credit while others participate for the experience alone.  We prefer that associates have completed their junior year of college, although many participate after graduation.

Production & Entertainment Associates start on March 24, 2014.  This is a great opportunity for someone interested in taking their first step towards a career in sports, marketing or the entertainment industry.

March 24, 2014-August 29, 2014
Game Days: Report time until an hour after the game;
Non-Game Days: 9:00am until 5:00p (Monday – Friday)
*Some exceptions may apply; schedule subject to change

$500/month stipend

Job Questions

  1. Do you have housing in the Erie area?
  2. When are you available to start?
  3. Do you have previous experience working with Adobe Creative Suite? Please provide details.
  4. Do you have previous experience editing video using a Mac or PC? Please provide details.
  5. Do you have previous camera operator experience? Please provide details.


CONTACT: Kristi Servais via email -


‘Best in Bridal’ Casting Call


Auditions for “Lux in Tenebris” Independent Feature Film

Auditions for “Lux in Tenebris” Independent Feature Film

Belgrade & Cleveland Media Group in association with Bruno Productions, LLC invites you to attend film auditions for “Lux in Tenebris” indie feature-length film (to be shot in Ohio this summer). “Lux in Tenebris” is an urban spiritual-social drama about two sisters whose lives are affected by personal tragedies, but their mutual love and an unbreakable bond guides them in the “darkness”, until the very end – when God’s intervention illuminates the path, but the one must die for others’ sins. The film will be directed by B. R. Tatalovic, an award winning film artist from Cleveland ( There are 2 separate casting calls: one for male roles, and another one for female and children roles. No appointment needed, but each actor must fill out an application (details below).

The audition for adult MALE roles will be at Cleveland Academy of Film Acting, 5009 Storer ave, Cleveland, OH 44102 (Sat, March 22nd, 2-6pm). The actors must fill out an application to audition (see bottom info).

Lead Male Characters (multiple scenes and days):
1) Clarance “Pops” Mansfield, 40-50, African American
2) DeShawn Mansfield, 20s, African American
3) Jesse Jr/Sr McArthur (one actor plays 2 characters), 20s, White.

Supporting Male Characters (1-3 scenes or days):
4) Poker Boss, 40s/50s
5) Todd, 40s, White, Thin.
6) Big Dick 30-40s, African American; big guy;
7) Ambulance Worker, any race, 30-40
8) Cop, 30s, any race
9) Young Clarance Mansfield, 16-22, African American
10) Gang Member (voiceover), 20-40, African-American
11) Dean Moscow “Falcon”, 40s, any race
12) Caleb, 20s, white, (plays mentally challenged guy)

The audition for FEMALE and CHILDREN roles will be at Holiday Inn, 6001 Rockside Rd, Independence, OH 44131 (Sat, Mar 29th, 10am – 6pm). The actors must fill out an application to audition (see bottom info).

Lead Female Characters (including kids):
1) Margaret “Peg” Mansfield, 40-50 w/aging, African American
2) Virginia Kelleran, 16-22, white, thin, must be able to speak in ebonics (implied sexual content)
3) Annabelina “Annie” Kelleran, 18-28, Biracial. Petite. Able to sing (implied sexual content)
4) Mrs. B, 40s/50s, White.
5) Annabelina “Annie” Kelleran (as child), 7-10, biracial, able to sing karaoke;
6) Tedandra Kelleran (child), 7-11, white, dark eyes;

Supporting Characters (including kids):
1) Akeyra, 20s, Any, Dancer (partial nudity, implied sexual content)
2) Kitty Kat, 20s, Asian or Latino, Thin, Dancer(partial nudity, implied sexual content)
3) Kim McArthur, 26-30, white
4) Mrs. Rockrogen, 30s/40s , white
5) Kimberly, 30s/40s, White
6) Waitress, 20s, any race
7) Social Worker (Voiceover only)
8) Judge (Voiceover only)
9) Mrs. Locklester, 30s-50s
10) Jessica Snowhaven, 30s-50s
11) Mr. Tomstead, 30s-50s
12) Betsy Lesko, 30s-50s
13) Labor Maid, 40s-60s, African American
14) Conner, 8-11, White (aggressive type)
15) Justin, 8-11 White (agressive type)
16) Joshua, 8-11 (shy type)
17) Baby “Teddy”, infant, white, dark eyes
18) Louisa, 20s, African-American

Featured Players: besides main speaking roles listed above, there are few more featured player roles (line or two); more info at the audition; SAG-AFTRA players will be considered (SAG-Ultra-Low pay); Non-union will be deferred pay; SIDES: the sides and casting application could be downloaded from film’s Facebook group. Each actor who wants to be considered, must join this facebook group and download sides and an application (more info there). The address is:


“If You Knew Better, You’d Do Better” – Casting Call March 1st

“If You Knew Better, You’d Do Better”

The story of a successful young man enjoying the fabulous life and all the perks that comes with it. Doing what he wants, when he wants until he’s forced to make a life altering decision, only to find out that those closest to him have secrets of their own.

From OMA award winning playwright and author of “REALationship Breakdown Philly Style”, Philipé Winston Weeden brings you the movie based on the hit stage play, “If You Knew Better, You’d Do Better”.

We are seeking to add phenomenal actors to the cast of this independent, non-union feature project. Filming will take place this summer in Cleveland and surrounding areas.


Saturday, March 1, 2014
6:00pm to 9:00pm
HobbsStyle Casting Office
26250 Euclid Avenue, #211 (In the Euclid Medical/Office Plaza)
Euclid, OH 44132

Please forward headshot and resume to to receive confirmation and sides. Place “Philly Style” in the subject line.


Heather (Leading Role), African American female, age; late 20’s/early 30’s, Athletic Build. Heather is a beautiful God fearing girlfriend turned fiancé. She has a vision of making a house a home because of her upbringing. She quickly learns that not only is her fiancé hesitant to tie the knot, he is struggling with being in a committed relationship altogether. Meanwhile, she is dealing with her own issues of being pregnant and a past that threatens to catch up with her fast. Paid Role.

Chinna (Supporting Role), Exotic female, open ethnicity, age: late 20’s. Pretty and slender. Chinna moves into a great new community in an effort to gain a new lease on life. She is intrigued by her handsome neighbor and although she knows he is in a committed relationship she finds him hard to resist. Deferred payment.

Josie & Karen (Supporting/Featured), Open ethnicity, age: late 20’s/early 30’s. Credit only.


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